The Children’s Fund

At CHOP we take a comprehensive and compassionate approach to pediatric healthcare. We rely on a union of forces to support and advance the health and wellbeing of children, from interdisciplinary care teams to pioneering research; from training and fellowship programs to patient family education; from community advocacy to social work services. The Children’s Fund helps close the gap between resources and breakthroughs, ensuring CHOP has the flexibility to address the shifting needs of the hospital. These unrestricted funds are used wherever the demand is greatest, whether that’s to ease the financial burden on patient families, supply the latest technologies, fast track a research discovery or boost critical community initiatives. Philanthropic investment in the Children’s Fund empowers CHOP to provide better care and expand critical access to services throughout the region, so children everywhere can grow and thrive.

Cheers for CHOP Beneficiaries Through the Years

2022 & 2023 – Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Children’s need for behavioral and mental health services has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, and the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the crisis. The Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is dedicated to offering the full continuum of behavioral health services —from preventive care to acute psychiatric services — to children and teens in need.

2021 – Center for Violence Prevention

The center is dedicated to reducing the exposure to and impact of violence in our community through innovative, evidence-based programs — which include bullying prevention in local schools, intimate partner violence screening in clinical settings, gun safety programs, and intensive support for assault-injured youth — that address the physical, emotional and psychological toll of violence exposure on children and their families.

2020 – Division of Urology

The first program of its kind in the nation, the Division of Urology has cared for children with the most complex urologic diagnoses in the world and has been at the forefront of improving the lives of children like Bracken.

2019 – Cancer Center

Home to one of the world’s largest, most skilled teams of oncologists and surgeons with expertise in pediatric brain tumors, the Cancer Center has revolutionized the ways brain tumors are researched and treated to help children like Stephany. Her family traveled 4,700 miles, from their home in Brazil, to access state-of-the-art proton therapy at CHOP to treat a cancerous brain tumor when Stephany was just 11 years old.

2018 – Division of Orthopaedics

One of the largest and most active pediatric orthopaedic centers in the world, the Division of Orthopaedics provides safe, state-of-the-art care for children and adolescents like Stephanie from diagnosis through recovery. An avid runner, she was diagnosed with acetabular dysplasia. CHOP performed a complicated surgical procedure to reposition her hip socket and preserve her hip joint.

2017 – Division of Pulmonary Medicine

The Division of Pulmonary Medicine cares for more than 14,000 patients each year. The division treats the most complex and rare respiratory problems, including asthma, cystic fibrosis, sleep disorders, chronic lung disease and pulmonary hypertension. The team provides lifesaving support like supplemental oxygen, noninvasive ventilator support and mechanical assisted ventilation for kids like Omar.

2016 – Emergency Department

One of the most active pediatric emergency centers in the nation, the ED cares for nearly 90,000 patients a year.

2015 – Child Life

CHOP’s Child Life Program is dedicated to helping children and their families cope with illness, injury, treatment, hospitalization and the overall healthcare experience. It is the most comprehensive program of its kind in the nation, with more than 50 specially trained staff. Thanks to child life specialists, patients like Marlon learn how to better cope with illness through medical play, art and music therapy.

2014 – Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment & the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care

The inaugural Cheers for CHOP raised funds for the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment and the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care, the most state-of-the-art outpatient facility in the nation. Since then, the event has brought hundreds of Philadelphia’s most fun and philanthropic young influencers together each year, raising more than $4.5 million over the past seven years to benefit breakthroughs in pediatric research and care for CHOP programs

About Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Every day, teams at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia make breakthroughs that transform children’s lives. Since our founding in 1855 as the nation’s first children’s hospital, we have made extraordinary discoveries, trained generations of leaders, and advocated for children everywhere. Our pediatric research program, one of the largest in the country, has set a new standard for scientific innovation around the world. As a nonprofit charitable organization, we rely on the generous support of donors who are inspired by our work — and our mission.

Cheers to More Breakthroughs

Since 2014, Cheers for CHOP has made a profound impact on programs across the hospital. Together, we can push the boundaries of what’s possible, so children everywhere can grow, thrive and lead healthy, happy lives.

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